After School Program
At Bridgewater Tae Kwon Do we offer an After School Program
which is unique in Bridgewater.
Our day starts at 2:10 PM with the arrival of a bus from
Hebbville Academy.

By 3:30 we have walked a safe route to our club at 416 King St.
(The YMCA Youth Center Building) and a scheduled class
begins with students from Hebbville, Pentz,  Newcombville,
Petite Riviere, Bluenose Academy and Bridgewater Elementary.
Students receive all the benefits of Tae Kwon Do training on a  
rotating schedule of planned lessons.

Tae Kwon Do can be learned by anyone, ages 3 and up. This
particular class is for school aged children. For information on
our other programs, please see other sections of our web site.

Pricing for this class is simple;

$60.00 / week based on a 5 day school week.
$13.50 / day for part time (anything less than 5 days)
$17.00 - half day (pre lunch dismissal)
Snow day pricing will depend on dismissal times.

Summer Day Camp Pricing :

$110.00 / week based on a 5 day work week (M to F)
$28.00 / Day part time
$17.00 / half days (any day up to 4 hours. A full day is any day
over 4 hours)
We are currently accepting registration for our 2020 summer
camps. Part time and full time positions available.

Be a part of Bridgewater's only sports themed summer camp.

We are currently in the after
school schedule for the 20
20 /
1 school year. We follow the
calendar of the SSRCE.
Bridgewater Tae Kwon Do's After School Martial Arts Program is a private sports facility
and is not part of the Department of Community Services "daycare act".
Frequently Asked Questions
Will there be a plan for "snow days" ?

Yes - drop off at the club will occur on snow days starting as early as 7:30 AM. Snow days will be charged out at
as full days.

What about early dismissal days ? Is there a schedule for those ?

Yes - Pickup will occur early on scheduled early dismissal days. There will be no additional charges for CLT  
days. Inservice days will be charged out at the full day rate, and a lunch should be sent. Any before lunch
dismissal will be treated as a half day.

Are there going to be summer programs too ?

Yes - Our summer program starts with the last day of school every year and we still have spots available. Full
time rates are currently priced at $110.00 per week.

Do you have part time rates ?

Yes - Part time students can attend for $13.50 per day ( After School ) $28.00 per day (Summer, full day) and
$17.00 per day ( Summer, part days ). We also have the most flexible scheduling of any after school and
summer programming in the town of Bridgewater.

Are there subsidies available ?

Yes, we have subsidies for this and any other program available through JumpStart and ProKids. See our front
page for information on applying.

Is this program only for BES students ?

No, this program is for any student who can be at BES for after school pickup. Some other schools will bus to
BES and if we have students coming from other schools, we will wait for them. We currently have buses and
students from Hebbville, Pentz, Bridgewater Elementary, Newcombville, Petite Riviere and Bluenose Academy in

What is the age range for the after school program? My son is 5 but has never participated in sports before.

Tae Kwon Do can be learned by anyone ages three and up. This program is designed for school aged children.
For information on our other programs, please visit other sections of our web site.

Participation in sports is not a prerequisite. This program will be incorporating multi sport activities to help with
every child’s physical development.

Your pricing is really good. Is this just a hook to get us to join and then you will hike the prices up ?

Anyone who signs up under this pricing will be locked into this pricing for the duration of their stay, until their
child 'graduates' from the program. Pricing will go up, but registered students will not be affected by this.

What will be your payment schedule ?

Payment must be made the Friday before the upcoming week (weekly), or if it is more convenient larger blocks
can also be purchased (monthly, or by school term). Payment must be up to date before using our service. We
accept cash, cheque, e-mail transfer to or credit cards at the club. We do not charge for
scheduled absences, but we do have to know about them in advance with 2 weeks notice. (i.e. vacations)

Will snacks and lunch be provided ?

Snacks and lunch should be provided by the parents based on the student's likes. Keep in mind that for any
sports program, high nutritional value is required, so pack according to that. We do have some nutritional
snacks on hand in case they are forgotten, but this should not be the main source. Also, due to some students
alergies, we are a nut free space.

Will my son be forced out of your after school program at age 11 like other programs ?

No. This program is for any school aged child.

In my current after school program, I can drop my child off in the morning and they walk him to school. Is this possible ?

Yes, we can do this by appointment.

Where can I find documents to sign up ?

All documents with their latest revisions will be found at the bottom of this page.

Do I have to pay for holidays ?

No. Holidays fall under scheduled days off. Since we all have more than 2 weeks notice on standard statutory
holidays, there will be no charge for these.

Is this program tax deductible as daycare ?

Yes, because the CRA allows for daycamp and summer camp registration in an all day sports program to be
used as a tax deduction as child care.

Will you allow half days in your summer program ?

Yes. We have half day scheduling as well. Pricing has been added above. A half day consists of any snow day,
summer day, March Break or full day camp where the participant attends for up to 4 hours. After 4 hours, it is
considered a full day.

Do you have a question ? See it answered here by e-mailing us at

Great schedule of physical activity, and Bridgewater's most cost effective rates for any after school program.

Excellent rates, unparalleled programming with exceptional results.
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